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Woodworkers engages independent couriers to undertake local and short haul deliveries in Brisbane and adjacent regions. The prices listed allow for delivery by a single driver who may require site assistance to unload bulky or large items beyond 25kg. It is the recipient’s responsibility to have suitable assistance available to unload. If such assistance isn't available, arrangements need to be made in advance for additional labour to accompany the driver which will be charged in advance at Woodworkers hourly rate. If unloading isn't facilitated, the goods may need to be redelivered at another time and a second delivery cost will be charged. The rates listed are per delivery, which may mean a truck or utility vehicle. If an order cannot fit on a single delivery, a second delivery may be charged. A surcharge is usually applied to difficult or bulky loads e.g. Bifold door units, which take longer to load and unload. Delivery responsibility is to unload but any assistance provided subsequently to carry joinery within the building is entirely at the discretion of the driver. Drivers are instructed not to assist wherever site conditions could endanger either personnel or the products. The rates listed below are therefore indicative only.



Woodworkers strongly recommend furniture removalists for safe transport of bulky goods.  Furniture removalist transport eliminates the need for palletising and packaging and ensures a personalized door to door delivery, with each item blanket wrapped and strapped into the truck.  Freight companies, on the other hand, bulk handle product and every package needs to be heavily protected to avoid damage.  Woodworkers do not take responsibility for freight damage beyond their control, however insurance options are available to cover transport damage or loss.

The freight calculator is intended for smaller orders such as palletised doors or windows to be delivered door to door.  For larger orders, furniture transport options are likely to prove less expensive. Depending on your region, our delivery coordinator may be able to assist with identifying a suitable removalist that services your area and to help with providing sizing and weight estimates to obtain quotations. The contract for delivery however is directly between the removalist and you.


There are 2 components to the cost of road freight



All freight needs to be packaged to shield it from damage during delivery.  The cost of packaging will vary according to the awkwardness, size and weight of the items.  The cost of delivery calculated in the following section does not include the cost of packaging and palletising.  All freight items need to be palletised to allow for forklift loading and similar size items will usually be packed on a single pallet. However, if the shape of items demands separate packaging, the cost will increase accordingly.  Indicative costs for a simple door pallet (which may contain a number of similar sized doors) would be

Protective packaging
Labour & strapping
Total $120



The height of a pallet will be the combined height of its contents (e.g. 2 doors 40mm thick = 80mm) plus 260mm.  If doors (for example) have protruding mouldings additional packing space will be required.  Note: freight calculators work in centimeters not millimeters so the height of the example above would be 34cm.


The pallet width and length will usually be the width and length of the widest item inside plus 8cm.  A 204 x 82cm door would require a width of 90cm and a length of 212cm.


A standard door usually weighs between 20 to 30kg.  Leadlights or ironwork can add an additional 10kg.  The weight of the packaging materials can be estimated at 60kg per cubic metre.  The overall weight, for example, 2 glazed doors would be 40kg; the cubic metre measurement of the packaging would be .65 x 60kg per m³ = 39kg. 

Total weight = Weight of doors 40kg + Packaging 39kg = 79kg.

Note:  Freight costs will vary according to the exact weight and sizes and the calculation of the carrier concerned.  This freight calculator is provided as a free freight comparison service by www.baggagefreight.com.au and Woodworkers are not responsible for any variations or costs arising from the use of this service.


Parcel deliveries on couriers are limited to 25kg total weight, which is unsuitable for joinery orders but frequently used for hardware and other smaller items. The maximum length of any parcel is 2.15meters and weight is calculated as the higher of either the actual weight of a notional allowance of 250kg per cubic meter. So, if the actual weight was 5 kilograms but the size was (H)0.8m x (W) 0.5m x (L)0.15m x 250 = 15kg, the greater rate of 15kg is used to calculate the price. The total cost of a parcel delivery needs to include an allowance for packaging.



The cost of packaging is charged at $10 for small parcels to 5kg, $20 for medium sized parces up to 15 kg and $40 for larger parcels up to 25 Kg.


For areas not covered by this network Australia post is used.