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The Woodworkers Company has developed the unique Stealshield protection screen for its stock windows that answers the demand for intruder, insect and bushfire protection at a reasonable price. Stealshields do not detract from the beauty of timber joinery  as they are designed to blend visually with traditional joinery. Whereas most security systems totally conceal your joinery behind a wall of black metal and mesh, Stealshield's thin simple lines enhance the overall look.

StealshieldPicStealshield windows are available in cedar timbergrain and white finish in 13 stock sizes to fit Woodworkers double hung window range. They can be fitted in multiples for double and triple window configurations. The range will be extended in the near future for use on casement and hopper stock and custom windows. Stealshield is superior to other window security mesh because every panel is openable, enabling windows to be painted and cleaned and provide escape during an emergency. Each Stealshield has push button quick release locks internally and is constructed of woven stainless steel mesh with apertures less than the 2mm maximum permitted in bushfire zones to BAL 29 to protect against flying embers. The system's slimline external appearance is starkly different to that produced by bulky escapable security units or bushfire shutters.


sliding window stealshield

stealshield doors

Woodworkers also carries a stock range of Stealshield cedar doors which match the window Stealshields and can be fitted in  any french door, sliding and entry situation to provide insect and intruder protection.  Stealshield doors use black powdercoated 304, stainless steel mesh trenched into a cedar door frame to provide an attractive security barrier that is able to be conventionally hinged and locked.   Stealshields can be retro fitted to existing stock size windows and doors but are exclusively available only from Woodworkers outlets or website.

stealshield internal view
sliding door stealshield