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The Woodworkers FAQ sheets cover almost anything and everything you need to know about joinery. Please feel free to download and use them to get answers to all the questions you ever had about joinery. If you need further help send us your inquiry using the form on this page.

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If you have plans, come in and discuss them with us. It may be that significant savings can result from talking through your requirements early in the process as often draftsmen and architects are not familiar with standard sizes or joinery options that can give you the best and most economical result. It is always best to discuss joinery needs before the building begins as once the openings are built you may find yourself trapped into more expensive custom joinery sizes which can increase your costs by 20 to 30%. If your builder has already framed the openings then you can still check out our standard sizes from our brochures or on our main website www.woodworkers.com.au to see if stock could do the job.
Remember that Woodworkers has a joinery 'orphanage' at 34 Evesham Street, Moorooka or online at our XS website woodworkersxs.com.au for perfectly good joinery looking for a new home and if you're early enough in the process you Fmay be able to fulfill some of your needs at savings of 10 to 40% or more and build your openings to suit. If however, your requirements are totally fixed or you are matching existing work, you need to give us details so that we can price and document your requirements.
Get your builder or installer to measure up the openings for you and allow 10mm clearance around all joinery. If you do not have a builder/installer yet, some rough measurements by yourself will usually be enough to approximate the cost of joinery. Our sales staff are trained to walk you through your needs if you are unsure of what it is that would best suit your particular situation. You will receive a verbal or written quote from us and if you are happy with the price (which includes GST unless otherwise noted), then contact the salesperson who gave you the price to commence the ordering process. In some special circumstances Woodworkers may send a representative to site to check your measurements, but is usually best that the builder/installer determine the sizes that they wish to work with.


You will be asked to pay a deposit, usually 20%, but for more unusual items as much as 100%. Once the deposit is received by credit card, direct deposit or by cheque, computerised workshop drawings will be sent to you for any custom joinery components. These drawings, once signed, are our contract with you, so it is imperative that you check them carefully before signing and ensure that your builder/installer also receives a copy.  Check the drawings for all details – sizes, quantities, hardware colour, handling etc. Sizes shown on the drawings are to the extremity of the frame for framed items and the sash size for unframed items (your builder/installer will need to make allowances for clearances).  Remember that you are looking at an EXTERNAL elevation.  If the drawings are not correct make changes as necessary and return them to our office (price may be affected).  Production of your joinery will only be scheduled once these drawings are signed & returned and the deposit paid. Soon after, you will receive a letter advising you of our production schedule date. This is an approximate date only & not a delivery date.  Scheduling joinery orders is an imperfect science and every job is different so a myriad of factors can affect how long your job takes to be completed. All target dates are Fridays but it is usual that your actual completion date will occur either side of the target.  If you are locked in to an exact delivery date you will need to stay in close contact with our production staff to make them aware of your actual situation.  If your requirements are urgent, we always try to adjust the lead time to suit the project wherever possible but we expect that any items rushed through our system will be paid for and taken immediately upon completion.  When your joinery is approaching completion you will get a 2nd letter invoicing the goods and asking you to contact our despatch department to arrange payment & delivery or collection of your goods. If you are collecting goods from our factory you need to know that our factory closes at 3.00 pm weekdays & 11.00 am on Saturdays – collection after these times is difficult.


Your house construction - to help determine the depth of frame and sill overhang required

Construction progress - to help determine the delivery schedule. Our production schedule is usually determined by the number and value of pre-existing orders in the system. It can vary from as little as 2 weeks to as much as 12 or 13 weeks, so remember to order early as there can often be as much as $1 million of orders ahead of you. If your require ments are further away than our time frame we also need to know. We do not have large storage facilities and may charge a storage fee for items left with us for a lengthy period of time after manufacture is complete.

The site address - for delivery purposes and also to ascertain the wind rating for AS2047 and to allow certification of the windows for AS1288.

Statutory requirements
- Bushfire zone BAL levels if applicable;
- Energy efficiency requirements if applicable;
- Noise zone requirements if applicable;
- Position of joinery to comply with the glazing code.

Note: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to advise the supplier of the existance of any statutory or certification requirements that apply to your construction.


Fly-screens and security screens have an impact on the frame construction. Tell the sales staff if you want to incorporate screens at this time or in the future. There are several types of screens that are possible -

  • Timber framed screens with nylon or aluminium mesh.
  • 'Timber look' Aluminium screens with nylon mesh (also available in white).
  • Retractable screens with nylon mesh in a cartridge that pulls across or down.
  • Stealshield woven or perforated stainless steel intruder protection in a timber frame.


Woodworkers fits all operating hardware to all framed items if contracted to do so on the shop drawings. Casements and awnings generally come with stainless steel friction stays; double hungs with spirals balances; french doors and single doors on ball bearing hinges; bi-fold doors and windows on proprietary hardware. However all locking hardware is usually fitted after joinery is installed by the site carpenters. Woodworkers carries a large range of standard locking hardware kits in satin steel, gold and black - please ask for a price at quoting stage so that you have a better idea of your total costs


Joinery items are usually supplied raw for finishing by your painter on site. Woodworkers offer a pre-sealing service on custom joinery and non-glazed stock doors. Generally we do not pre-seal or pre-prime stock glazed doors or windows as it is not suited to sealing in our spray booth. We do not fully finish joinery as this occurs on site after the joinery is installed. However, if full finishing is required we will refer you to our independent, subcontract finisher and you can make such arrangements directly. For further information on finishing, please refer to our FAQ sheet on the subject.


The Woodworkers Company developed Australia's first computerised sash joinery system to ensure that clients know exactly what their joinery will look like before it's manufactured. A drawing of every piece of joinery is drafted accurately by computer, so that it's proportions and construction details can be verified, and considerations such as glazing bar alignment, glass proportions and cost can be scrutinised. The computer then calculates our cutting lists, workshop dimensions and programming to ensure that human error is minimised and there are no surprises when your joinery arrives. The result is a proven system for quality control, accuracy and waste elimination that allows us to reflect the savings in our prices.




Once completion of your joinery is confirmed, it is time to organize collection or delivery. Remember that payment is required upon delivery or before goods can be released for pick-up.
Payment options:

  • Cheque on site or sent by post prior to delivery to ensure we receive it before delivery.
  • Credit card payment over the phone prior to dispatch. Be aware that if you choose this option the following fees are applicable:
    Visa and Master Credit Cards: 1%;
    Visa and Master Debit Cards: 0.5%.
    Theses fees may be amended according to cost of acceptance.
  • Direct deposit to our account at National Australia Bank [ Brisbane bank A/C details - BSB: 084 100 Account: 525 633 003; Gold Coast bank A/C details: BSB: 084 100, Account: 490157245; Sunshine Coast bank A/C details - BSB: 084 100, Account: 489657090] at least 2 working days prior to dispatch to ensure that it arrives in our account before delivery is required. We do not accept copies of transaction print-outs as proof of payment. If you are collecting your order, please advise our delivery co-ordinator in advance so that your joinery is accessible when you call. Collection times at our factories are Mon - Fri : 7.00am - 3.00pm and Sat: 8.00am - 11.am.


Our dispatch service usually requires a few days notice to be able to schedule your delivery.

Delivery within the Metro Region
The driver is unaccompanied and therefore people are required on site to assist with unloading. If you are unable to arrange this Woodworkers can organise to send an extra person with the driver but a fee is charged for this service. If you have exceptionally large items, it is likely that we will make an arrangement with you to flat pack the joinery for your builder to re-assemble on-site before installation. If you have items that need to installed in a relatively inaccessible location they may also need to be flat packed and our staff need to be informed of these circumstances before production begins. As the driver is usually an independent carrier, Woodworkers are not able to guarantee a time when he will arrive at your site. His run is organised at the start of each day based on the scheduled deliveries. We can however direct him towards morning or afternoon.

Delivery outside the Metro Region
Woodworkers will occasionally arrange deliveries outside the Metro region within a range of 200km but usually only on a weekend so as not to interfere with normal delivery schedules. If you are outside this region then transport arrangements are your responsibility. You need to contact a company, find out their terms, organise insurance etc. Woodworkers strongly recommend furniture removalists for safe transport. Woodworkers do NOT generally pack items for transport. In our experience general freight companies are not suitable for transporting joinery without damage. If however, you choose to send joinery as general freight, Woodworkers can palletise the goods at additional cost, but our experience is that this does not eliminate the possibility of damage (particularly for bulky items). Woodworkers do not take responsibility for freight damage so it is important that you discuss your plans with our dispatch people to ascertain your best option. Woodworkers will generate a transport manifest that the courier signs to attest the goods were received in good order and condition. You must inform Woodworkers of expected pick-up dates and make your carrier aware of our hours of operation. It is important that the carrier ask for the goods quoting the name that the goods were ordered under (we cannot dispatch a job on the basis of "I'm here for a pick-up going to Rockhampton")


No. We are a supplier not a subcontractor. If requested we can provide you with details of a BSA registered builder who will undertake installation work including lock fitting. By regulation only registered and insured contractors are permitted to do installations. Should you be undertaking building already it is most common for your existing contractor to undertake the joinery installation work and you will need to ascertain if he prefers the joinery to arrive pre-hung or to hang it on site himself.


Depending on the progress of the job, you will usually have to pay for any work undertaken or materials used that cannot be recovered. For stock items a restocking fee of 15% is usually applied. In a worst case scenario where the joinery is complete, we will usually look to recover whatever discount we believe we will have to offer to sell the item in our joinery orphanage. This may be greater than your deposit if the item is unusual. If site circumstances change it is imperative that you advise us of potential problems promptly, as it may minimise your costs for implementing late changes.


Joinery should be carefully checked on arrival to ensure it is acceptable and correct to the shop drawings. It is common for small dents to occur during the transportation and installation process and these are easily fixed with a quick sand. For deeper dents, a hot domestic iron used over a wet tea towel positioned on the affected timber will steam out even deep knocks quite easily. Woodworkers will send a tradesperson to undertake any rectifications if notified within 24 hours of delivery. It is important joinery is not stored in an excessively hot, cold or moist location (particularly on new concrete) and that it is fully sealed on all faces within 48 hours of arrival prior to installation. Particular attention should be paid to the tops & bottoms of doors & windows and the outside framing timbers that will be concealed in the walls after installation. Please note that colour & grain variations in timber are a natural occurrence and do not constitute a defect. All colour variations can be camouflaged with a light stain or grain filler if uniformity is required but you need to discuss your requirements with your painter. We suggest you read our separate FAQ sheet on finishing before you commence work as the wrong choice in finishing materials can have devastating results for your joinery and void your warranty.


Our warranty is subject to our standard conditions. We build our joinery however to last a lifetime and we expect that in normal conditions the timber work will still be serviceable one hundred years from now. That is your reward for buying good solid traditional joinery. It is common however that working or perishable components i.e. hinges, spirals, pivots, rollers, seals etc will require periodic replacement or service. The warranty on all working parts is set by the manufacturer not Woodworkers. Responsibility for replacement of these items rests with the owner after the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty even if that warranty period is less than the general warranty offered by Woodworkers for worksmanship and timber materials. Woodworkers may be able to refer you to a serviceman to undertake this work when required.



THE WOODWORKERS COMPANY, warrants to the original consumer that the quality of workmanship and materials of built in timber joinery items will be free from structural defects which may render the product unserviceable for 5 years from date of purchase. Exposed solid timber products such as gates, balustrade, finials, post balls, brackets, window hoods etc carry a 1 year warranty for defects which may render the product unserviceable. Fuseon doors have a 2 year external warranty and a 5 year internal warranty.

All doors and windows are designed to 700Pa velocity and 150Pa water rating unless a higher rating was specified on the shop drawings provided for the particular application.

All doors and frames are supplied unfinished unless otherwise contracted. Sanding, filling, sizing and cleaning shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. Joinery contracted to be factory primed will be sealed with one coat of primer only. Sanding and subsequent undercoats are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Doors must be inspected upon arrival for visible defects and all claims based thereon must be filed within two (2) days.

Warranty will not apply if the structural strength of the mortice and tenon joints are compromised by cutting, installing hardware or alterations.

To comply with this Limited Warranty, it is the consumer's responsibility to properly care for and protect all timber products

  • Prior to installation, the entire door and its frame, both interior and exterior, and including top and bottom edges and hinge checkouts, must receive a minimum of two (2) coats of recommended paint or sealer within 48 hours of delivery to prevent undue absorption of moisture which may cause warping to occur. See our separate FAQ sheet for recommended finishes.
  • Doors must be stored flat, in a dry place with ventilation all around. Avoid freshly plastered rooms or other damp areas, and ensure doors are not in direct sunlight. Do not stack on new concrete.
  • Regular maintenance to prevent breakdown and exposure to the elements should be provided to prevent deterioration.
  • A change in climatic conditions can cause slight movement in the components of some solid timber joinery, which are not considered defects. All joinery must be sealed with 48 hours of delivery to site to minimise expansion and contraction.
  • THE WOODWORKERS COMPANY requires that if your door receives direct sunlight it should be painted in a LIGHT reflective colour, or in approved transparent finishes.
  • DARK colours may cause shrinkage due to surface heating and will void this warranty. Specifically, external doors painted in colours with a light reflectance value of less than 50 are not covered by this warranty.


  • THE WOODWORKERS COMPANY will not be held responsible for charges of hanging, lock or hardware fitting, painting or any other charges arising from the replacement or remedial work on joinery. This warranty, under Section 69 of the Trade Practices Act will be limited to: such remedy replaces, or the repair of products only. The company is not liable to reimburse any purchaser for joinery replaced or repaired by others without written consent from THE WOODWORKERS COMPANY. Backcharging for unauthorized work will not be accepted.
  • Texture and colour variations do not constitute defects, as timber is a natural product.
  • Warping refers to distortion within the door itself and not to its relationship to the door jamb or frame in which it is hung. Warping exceeding 5mm in standard 2040mm x 820mm doors shall be considered a defect. Allowable warp increases proportionally with larger joinery items. Claims for gaps or warp in double or French doors will not be considered unless the passive door is plumb and fitted with a barrel bolt at the top & bottom.

Allowable distortions nominated by WADIC(Acceptable performance criteria - TECHNICAL SHEET D page 40) are as follows:

Allowable distortions Limit
Twist measured diagonally across the door 820mm wide 5mm
Bending along the door height: up to 2150mm high 4mm
Bending along the door height: between 2150 and 2400mm high 6mm
Surface misalignment, at the meeting edge of double swing or French doors, when closed 5mm

The guarantee against warp does not apply to the following:

  • 35mm and 40mm thick doors wider than 920mm or higher than 2400mm
  • Doors that are improperly installed or do not swing freely.
  • External doors which have been painted dark colours or different colours on each face, or which are exposed to unnatural temperature variations between both faces due to (for example) air conditioning.
  • External doors that are painted with non-microporous finishes such as acrylic, lacquer or polyurethane
  • Doors that are not fully sealed on all six faces.

Experience has demonstrated that warp occurs after doors have been delivered to storage on building sites, and is usually due to improper storage or adverse moisture conditions after hanging and not to faulty manufacture. The manufacturer will not accept responsibility for joinery when moisture content of the timber falls below 12% or exceeds 16%. The warranty for hardware items not manufactured by Woodworkers is limited to the warranty period offered by the manufacturer even if this is shorter than 5 years.


All joinery is supplied loose and unpackaged unless prior arrangement has been made to pack the goods so as to help minimize the risk of damage. Any packaging will invite additional costs. Considerable damage can occur when transporting joinery so when shipping and transporting products it is recommended that purchaser takes insurance against damage with the nominated carrier, and uses a furniture removalist wherever possible rather than general carriers.


The following trim allowances relate to dowel construction stock joinery. For mortise and tenon construction the maximum trim is 15mm to any stile size and 10mm to any rail.

  • 40mm each side for doors with 140mm stiles
  • 20mm each side for doors with 110mm stiles
  • 10mm each side for doors with 100mm stiles
  • 10mm from the TOP and 15mm from the BOTTOM rails