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The Woodworkers FAQ sheets cover almost anything and everything you need to know about joinery. Please feel free to download and use them to get answers to all the questions you ever had about joinery. If you need further help send us your inquiry using the form on this page.

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Woodworkers uses our own product Stealshield and Clearshield for screening purposes. Stealshield is a woven mesh whereas Clearshield is a perforated flat sheet.

WHAT IS STEALSHIELD? stealshield logo

Stealshield is Woodworkers' own product. Because there is no middleman or distributor structure to support, Stealshield is less expensive than other systems but no less effective. Stealshield screens are an interwoven mesh screen (strands 0.9mm diameter). The mesh is screwed into the frame and clamped down. The screens are made of structural grade 304 stainless steel with a black powdercoating. Stealshield provides unobtrusive security and improves the ability to repel the sun's heat by more than 50% and reduce radiant heat by a similar percentage. Stealshield allows up to 62% of breeze to flow through and has a 1.5mm gap between woven strands which complies with the bushfire code for ember protection. Woodworkers Stealshield window screens are the only protective screens available in a timber grain as well as white finish to blend with timber joinery. They are constructed to allow access to the joinery for painting and cleaning as well as emergency egress in case of fire. The Stealshield system is a mid level security product which will not resist the more extreme attacks specified in Australian Standard 5039 but will provide normal domestic security protection.


Clearshield screens are made from a single sheet of high grade 304 stainless steel perforated with tiny holes measuring 2mm in diameter which complies with the Bushfire standards. The sheet is locked into an aluminium frame without rivets or screws. Clearshield screens are finished in a durable powder coated black finish which is non-porous and easy to clean. Clearshield is energy efficient with a 3.5 star energy rating, equating to a reduction of heat and glare of up to 44%.


No. The term 'security door' is defined in the Australian standards and requires a prescribed locking system to be classified as a 'security screen'. Screen doors can be installed to comply with Australian standards if compliant locking systems are installed but without these, screens are simply heavy duty insect screens. Obviously, any door (including Stealshield) depends on its hanging and locking functions to fulfill its purpose and Woodworkers markets a product that can be very secure provided its installation and locking is adequate to meet the security situation. Stealshield doors are constructed so that the mesh is 'built in' to the door structure. Each metal mesh panel extends 18mm into the door stile on 4 sides so that it cannot be removed without demolishing the door. The mesh panels are screwed into their metal frame making frontal assault improbable. This design provides a high level of intruder protection.


The recommendations for maintenance are:


Woodworkers recommends washing down the frames and mesh with Wash and Wax in warm water using a soft bristle brush, followed by a clean water rinse. For stubborn or hard to shift stains, Stain Clean products are available.


Clearshield recommends washing the product down with 10ml of non-alkaline based regular car wash per litre of water, then rinse with fresh clean water; completely dry the product with a soft dry cloth then apply Clearshield's Care product with a clean cloth to the surface of the screen, frame & all visible surfaces.

The recommended regularity of maintenance is as follows:
Distance to coast or sheltered bay Cleaning interval
Within 500m 1 to 2 weeks
Within 500m to 1km 2 to 3 weeks
Within 1km - 10km 2 to 3 months
More than 10 km 3 to 6 months

All metal mesh screens have a problem with electrostatic action between the mesh and airborne salts. The common solution is to regularly remove salt build up with high pressure water blasting and to seek to isolate the metal from the salts with a silicon or wax layer.  There are many different forms of wax coating available commercially, ranging from Mr. Sheen to automotive wash and wax products. There are also commercially available silicone sprays sold by automotive retailers. All mesh screens trap dust and airborne particles attracted by electrostatic interaction as breeze passes through the mesh. If this impurity builds up and is not regularly removed, it will encrust the screen irreparably. There are also fungal moulds that can grow in patches on mesh caused by airborne spore. Obviously, screens in coastal locations are more vulnerable to salt attack than hinterland locations and maintenance is a bigger issue. Similarly, locations near dense vegetation have greater risk of fungal spots (which are often mistaken for rust spots) and can be eliminated by antimould and a topcoat of silicone spray. Woven screens intrinsically entrap more particles than perforated screens but the problems are the same and regular maintenance is the only prescription for long term durability. 

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Stealshield is warranted to be free from defects in materials under conditions of normal use for a period of five years from the date of installation. The warranty covers the stainless steel mesh, paint and clamp. All moving parts such as hinges, door closers, locks, wheels and installation is covered by a manufacturer's 12 month warranty. The general warranty does not apply to any damage due to failure of owners to follow maintenance procedures, alteration of the product in any way, fire abuse, misuse and normal wear and tear etc.


Clearshield warrants that it is free from material defect or faulty workmanship for 10 years relating to the framing structure, 7 years structural integrity on the stainless steel sheet and 2 years relating to the powder coating treatment. This warranty does not apply to any damage due to treatment or matters outside the control of Clearshield or failure to follow care and maintenance procedures.